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20 Nisan 2021
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1 Mayıs 2021
Massage in Alanya
A relaxing Massage in Alanya for couples
Alanya masaj

10 things to do before massage in Alanya City!

We have some Advice for Massage , you will have fantastic feelings. What can you do before having a massage in Alanya? Let us examine it all together.

It is impossible to go on vacation without a massage, This last 10 years of riding is increasingly interested in Alanya massage parlors that have grown and very popular , It takes about an hour to get rid of the current slow pace and fatigue.

Massage symptoms at the beginning of 1 hour in your muscles and system, then you psychologically alleviate. If you have never been to a massage before, this article is based on size and if you are going to a massage parlor in Alanya and its region for the first time, do not plan a massage without reading our recommendations!

The first things Of course finding a good massage parlor!

Our spa cat is sitting on the chair and relaxing after long day))
  • You can take advice from your friends choosing the salon. But in nowadays , you have the opportunity to find place by internet , the prices and quality of the places that offer services such as spa, sauna, Turkish bath, massage, and the massage information of massage therapists.
  • Although massaging your research is comfortable and peaceful, it can sometimes lead to untrained personal injuries. Make sure that the training of masseurs and masseuses at your destination such as certificate diploma is given.

Massage price in Alanya:

  • Like the price you pay before the massage, get it at a price that can be increased later. During the massage, you only focus on relaxing.

Lock your important items in your closet:

  • Have safe lockers for the items you bring or wear with you.

You can turn off your phone , for 1 hour before the massage:

  • Whenever possible, forget about the stress of external world anxiety , before going into massage 30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes During massages do not play your mobile phone.
Many massage types here you can have full body massage or hot stone massage as well

Alanya Spa Massage Types:

  • If you are going to the first default massage, get to know the masseur, which type of massage you will be have, (classical massage, aroma therapy massage, sports massage, massage with hot stones, anti cellulite massage … )

Tell us about your body and health:

  • Your body aches in your musculoskeletal system. If you have any cut and bruise on your body, please let us to know.

Alanya Massage intensity:

  • As massage is done with slow movements for relaxation, the muscles need a hard massage, we can give information to the masseurs and masseuses about the pressure and intensity of the massage.

Make an Appointment First!

  • Since Alanya is a holiday and tourism city, sea, sand, beach return after sunbathing can sometimes be jammed in appointments. It will be beneficial for you and us to schedule your appointment in free hours so that you can get better and higher quality service.

Don’t be late for your appointment:

  • Your timing should be good to be a relaxing massage. The therapist and massage departments are reserved for you to arrive on time and get more efficiency from massage. If you have a massage, spa bath, scrub, foaming, skin care, manicure, pedicure, it is better to go 1 hour earlier.

Take a warm shower before your massage!

  • Having a warm shower will be to your advantage and for therapist too. In many massage parlors, it is recommended to have a scrub and foam bath in the Turkish bath ( hamam ) and then have an oil massage. Dead skin and residues are removed with the help of scrubbing, and then cleaning with a hot bubble bath is our ideal recommendation for massage. The oil used in the massage needs for your body after the massage, your skin and the oil that penetrates within 30 minutes.
Here i am doing Traditional Turkish foam bath for clients.


  • Of course, since there will not be a massage in a cramped situation, it is obvious that your toilet need can interrupt your session. If you say “I can wait”, you will not be comfortable in the massage session this time.

Jewelry, watch, etc. seen on you without using the Alanya Spa:

  • To make a massage, the supply of jewelry, bracelets and similar accessories on you will be useful for the masseur to move more easily.

What to wear in massage:

  • If you want, you can wear your own clothes such as underwear, shorts and tights. Our recommendation is to only with towel or peshtamal.

Massage essential oils:

  • You can choose a massage oil essence that you like and pamper your soul with aroma therapy oil aromas.

Keep in touch with the masseur:

  • If the sound of music, warmth, painful movements in the massage will disturb the massage, tell our therapist. Do not ignore the factors that will enable you to focus on massage.
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