Lets go to Hamam and massage in Alanya Spa Center!

Hamam masaj fiyatları
1 Mayıs 2021
Хамам в Алании Массаж в Алании
18 Kasım 2021
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Lets go to Hamam and massage in Alanya Spa Center!

How to use Hamam massage treatment

If you fly to Turkey You can try historical 1000 years ago traditional Turkish massage and Hamam Because this is the parth of Turks and tourists doing at least once a week in Alanya.

When you visit hamam’s design and service can be different. If you been first time in a Turkish bath, you also need to reservation for scrubing and foam bath. cause hamam means not just a sauna. And other service oil massage recommended for you to best choise with all program.

How to start hamam treatment ?

When you enter the spa, first there will be safe box you can put your things in the locker, and than in hamam treatments you can use special Turkish bath towels or you can use siwimming suit during 2 hour service.

Laying down on the hot marble

You can start with sauna steam room,after 15 minutes warm up your body. So your skin will be ready to for scrubing.Because pores open.And than better moving your old and dead skin from your body.

Kese Scrubing for dead skin

There is historical workers name is called ”Tellak”s are doing scrubing name is ”Kese”. And than Turkish foam bath (köpük masajı) and with tradiotanial soap massage on the hot marble.And this is absolutley fantastic feeling.

Before go to sun bathing and nice beach of Mediterranean Sea you get your scrubbing and body washing in Turkish style so you can get better sun brown and naturally sun tan. Best way to start your Alanya holiday.

Bubbles bath in Hamam ” Köpük ”

This means all your body covered with traditional olive soaps foam and you can feel amazing Turkish foam massage on the hot marble. Totally you will feel better and reborn.

Turkish hair wash in Hamam before massage

Bubble bath finished and your skin very smooth and now time to care your hair and you will get traditional Turkish head massage with soap washing. You will washed as a baby care. Now you are correctly clean in Turkish way.

Special drying you with towels after the bath

Now we are going to outside of hamam but we need to dry you with towel. Cause after bath you feel just relaxed nothing you will do. We do in service. you chance the wet towels with new one and we bring you relax area.

You can rest in relax chair room

alanya hamam massage relaxing area

Still the treatments are not finished you are going to lay down on relaxing chairs and serving you an Apple tea, Adaçay,Turkish coffe or mineral water. By the way, we have face mask as well.

Finally You will have all body massage in hamam

After relaxing and drinking something you can have 30. 45. 60 minutes full body massages.

medical massage

And All procedur takes two hours and price starts 25 euro.. you can choise more packets in spa.

This hamam experience and massage treatment for local people and also for visitors Alanya’s all over the world.

If you are Alanya this is recommended spa for you in center. And you can find map, how to get reservation and contact number , please for more information you can visit other page and more in blogs.

Its neccesary to have reservation than we can safe your time for you. And we will be waiting for you with our personel on time.

  • Our health club is center of Alanya on the main way ”Atatürk Street” next to the beach than very close to harbour and historical places in Alanya.
  • Before your visit you can bring your swimming suit or you can use our towels for enter spa and dont forget your camera for nice memory.
  • Also you can find natural soap and oils and real cotton Turkish towels. There is natural Shop you will see on the entrance of spa.
  • You can find more information about Alanya spa. Please wellcome take a look and small tour in our Health club. 
  • You can use free wi fi at our business. And have foto in foam bath,spa area or relax room with face mask.
  • And share your memories with your friends.
  • Also you can try Doctor Fish Spa on the entrance of saloon

By the way Remember as a little Note,

Please wear slippers. Otherwise, you can slide easily on wet, marble floors.!!

Where to go for a Turkish bath in Alanya

Massage in Alanya quality and price is good and which hamam best for you, you can choice some of the best hotels or if you want real Turkish Hamam athmosfere you can visit here in the hearth of the city. There is numbers you get contact.

If you want to visit to one of Alanya’s famous, historical hammams, Where ever you are just a call +905305475656 you can get your time now.

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alanya spa massage hamam video

wellcome to Alanya enjoy your spa time

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